oh! time

We're proud to introduce you the best app to keep track of your sexual activity.

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Have you ever wondered how many times you've had sex this year? Or maybe with how many people? oh! time helps you keep track of that info and much more.

Discover and learn

Every time you add a new activity, oh! time will show you a tip or a fun fact that you can share, save or interact with.

Designed for anyone and everybody

  • oh! time uses iCloud storage, so your data is automatically synced across all your devices.
  • Built-in integration with the iOS Health App.
  • Secure your information with a lock code or using Touch ID
  • Privacy is really important to us. We don't collect or share any personally identifiable information from your device. Learn more.
  • No barriers. We've been working hard to integrate with assistive technologies like Dynamic Type and VoiceOver from the start.
  • Developed using modern iOS technologies, including Swift and 3D Touch.

Review and understand

With oh! time you can view and compare the samples you've been storing in a lot of different ways, allowing you to know more about yourself and your habits. What's more, in the future, these powerful workflows could be used by doctors and patients around the globe as a platform that may bring great improvements to both healthcare and medical research.

Feel free to customize

Since everyone cares more about different types of data, oh! time has been designed to be flexible and highly customizable. For instance, tags and other optional fields are a great way to store more information that can be meaningful to you.

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We'll use your email address to register your iOS devices on TestFlight